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Haggerty Collector Car Insurance website is for insuring collector cars for the automotive hobbyist.I decided to get a quote via the Internet...

Mistake number one, make sure you call for a quote. I received my quote via the Internet and was very pleased the system allowed me to move forward and apply online, being my collector car is kept in my driveway, which was a choice in the drop down menu. I completed the application process, including scanning several special forms pertaining to my vehicle and sending them my banking information for payment. However, two days later I was called to "verify" information which was "Do I really keep my car in the driveway" I said to the woman "of course I do" however, that's not allowed with their insurance.

I was steamed that I went all the way though the application process to be denied for something that was one of the the very first questions asked! Everything should have been grayed out after I chose "driveway", however it wasn't and I spent over an hour filling out and attaching documentation to the application. When I asked why I was allowed to proceede after I chose driveway, the customer service woman stated they didn't want people lying.... Guess what??

What they did was unethical, unprofessional and fraudulent. How they get away with compiling people's personal information when the person really isn't qualified from the very beginning is beyond me!

Very disappointed in this company.If you need a quote DO NOT fill one out online, call.

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